eCommerce 1.3

Demonstrate understanding of how to measure and analyze the user experience

This is a deep deep subject for an exam not requiring short form essay answers. Luckily, they have narrowed the scope a bit.

What are typical usability principles and issues?

There is so much info on this … from academic research to corp preferences to government regulations. And then there are real nerds you care but nothing but the numbers … site speed is the #1 usability issue with most eCommerce sites. Having all the bells and whistles … all the shipping and payment methods … but if your site takes a long time to load or to add to cart, your conversion rate will go down … down … down

For instance, when a user leaves an ecommerce site without
completing a purchase they began, what usability issues need to be planned for?

This is call Cart Abandonment and is a major issue with sites. Most of the Money People will consider this lost revenue. Using session cookies and long session/cart lifetimes can help if you have a high user return rate. If they have an account, you can send reminder emails … just give a bit of a nudge.

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