Out of SLA tickets

They are going to happen, it is part of the biz. You get busy, other people get busy, and tickets get neglected … and then people get pissed off. So, what do you? Can you avoid them?

Lots and no. The best way to handle out of SLA tickets is just to deal with them. The longer they go out of SLA, the more pissed the Client will be, the more they harass Management, the more Management annoys you, and the more stress for everyone.

Dealing with them

The sunk cost fallacy

You’ve already burned 10+ work-hours on this monster and there is no end in sight. You’re Ego is telling you that if you just spend another 10+ work-hours, you’ll crack the case and be the hero. Stop right there. This isn’t a job for Egos. You will run across issues that feel like you’re just spinning your wheels. Pack up your notes, jot down everything you can remember, and escalate.

I’m Smart enough!!!

Another Ego driven blocker. You are smart, if you weren’t then Clients wouldn’t be seeking your help. But everyone is dumb, or … not as smart as they think they are, at something. Do what legwork you can, take good notes, and escalate.

I’m too busy

Bullshit, you not too busy to deal with everything. Grab that ticket, do what work you can, take good notes, and escalate!

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