Magento 2 Solution Specialist cert

Well, I signed for for the M2 SS cert exam at Imagine2019 on May 13. That gives me 4 weeks or 27 days. I hope to dedicate 1 hr per day towards this until then.

So … what is this? This is newer Magento cert designed for people who need General eCom and Open Source vs Commerce edition knowledge. Here is the link for it.

I downloaded the Study Guide and here is the basic break down of the exam:

Content Area Approximate Percentage of Exam
ecommerce 13%
Magento architecture 22%
Magento Admin and storefront 30%
Business and applications 13%
Catalog 22%

I’ll probably combine eCommerce, and Business and applications into one week. I hope to take one (maybe two practice tests a week).

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