Juggling Buckets

For those of you who have never working in a support department, bliss your heart. You probably believe that everything has been well planned out and involves well vetted mechanism … It is such a nice optimistic view of the world. For us “ticket monkeys”, life is more like an exercise in semi-organized chaos.

Getting into the flow of working the “ticket mine” can take years, some might never hit that nerdvana point of smashing out of SLA tickets while scooping up new ones. Sometimes I wonder if there is correlation between those who exceed in support departments and ADD. Here are some tips that have helped me.


Yup; just like any job, support work requires you to be at the beck and call of multiple clients, managers, and other departments. There are constant interruptions vying for your attention. You can work on using apps and features to block out interruptions but sometimes you have to be available.

Working on reducing how disruptive interruptions are can greatly increase your productivity for those times when you can’t block them out.

Past self helps future self

Leave yourself notes. In tickets if they support internal comments. In a text document. On paper (though this becomes unwieldy quickly for me).


You got to work your buckets. This idea can be a mental stablity saver. Dividing up your work into buckets can be very helpful. Where are some buckets I keep around.

  • Look at ME!!!: This tickets need attention right away. These are interruptors.I try t o keep this bucket as empty as possible. If something pops and doesn’t need my immediate attention, I work it next.
  • Out of SLA: This is my primary bucket. I know that sounds not so great but we are currently working through a massive backlog.
  • On-Hold: Long running tickets waiting on responses from other people.

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