Small steps

My first Round Off Wednesday post! These are some small steps on setting yourself up for success … or at least not for epic failure.

Leave yourself notes

I started bookmarking tickets, changing the title to something about what I need to do next, and then dropping them into their own bookmark folder. Every day, I open up all those bookmarks and check them out. Do any updates or request updates from others if that was my next step.

Use Drafts

If most of your life revolves around a computer like mine does, it is helpful to use the Draft systems that most app provides. Need to respond to an email but have a day or two? Make a draft with some basic notes. Have a blog post to do in a few days? Start a draft and edit.

To do or not to do lists

Growing up, I was a big fan of checklists. I used to keep lots of paper and pencils around for just such use. Immigrating to the digital age has not been so easy. My phone/laptop/tablet are all linked. I have various apps which share data across them all but yet can’t seem to get into using them. I have been using RememberTheMilk for a few years. I like it but inputting new tasks is somewhat meh but I’m not fully utilizing the app, so there is that.

Todo lists are great but like any tool, if it’s not easy to use … not a good chance you will use it consistently. They can become a bummer if you’re not good at crossing off those items … I used to have a multiple day backlog in RTM and it used to bum me out. Mostly daily tasks like logging food and doing Duolingo. But that can be a good motivator to start getting shit done too.

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