New Categories and new content coming!

I’ve said it a few times but I really want to get to blogging on the reg. So, I’ve decided to launch a few new categories with weekly posts.

Magento Mondays

All things Magento, including developing, speed testing, CI/CD, Cloud tips, and maybe even some secrets about running Magento with millions of SKUs and Customers 😉

Round Off Wednesdays

I’ve been listening to Game Dev Quest for the last few months and a recent episode struck a cord with me. They were discussing a book, by some programmer, that one of them were reading. They hit this topic about how the author spends a few minutes each week, identifying and “rounding off” the corners (slow/annoying repetitive tasks) in his work/life environments. Though I’ve been working in IT for over 20 years, I came about it organically. Picking up bits and pieces here and there.

I tried to go the formal route with a stint at Coleman College and then some time at San Diego Community College campuses. Most of the classes went too slow and I have a disdain for having to take GE classes. Needless to say that my work habits could be described as semi-disorganized chaos. Imagine an Nth dimensional Nth side hyper polygon being jammed down a too small Nth dimensional Nth sided tube.

Future Fridays

Short form opinion pieces about emerging tech.

New Categories

Going to rearrange categories to highlight and organize by Projects and Hobbies. Projects will be more multi post long form content while Hobbies will be shorter one post how-tos and tips.

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