Magento Cloud Live Blogging!!!

So, you got a fancy job with three titles at some up and coming brand who wants to break into eCommerce. They have a Magento Cloud Start account and nothing else …

I’ll be starting from scratch, no nothing on Win10. I’ll be starting with this DevDoc and following the Docker way of setting up a local dev env. Oh, some things you will want up and available most of the time. Your Project WebUI, probably multiple DevDocs, your and NewRelic dashboards.

We’ll need to install PHP, Composer, and Docker using their various standard install methods.

Well … I looked at what it would take to get PHP and Composer installed on Win10 and decided to try out Ubuntu on Windows. I hope it uses the standard Windows home paths and what not so it can work with Docker. Learn by doing!

Going a bit slower than I had hoped. Ubuntu is still updating and then I have to setup the LAMP stuff … all before I can even start touching the Cloud. I was hoping this would be wrapped up by 9pm.

Ok, got the basic LAMP setup running. Going to need Git and Composer. Should probably install magento-cloud too.

Hey OH! You are logged in as smcmanus (XXXXXXXX@XXXXXXX). Got magento-cloud installed and got myself logged in! OK, lets poke around.

Got my creds in my Project vars so they are inherited by all my branches.

Should probably have made sure I had all the PHP modules I needed before getting this far. Oh well.

Ok, magento-cloud build completed and gave some things we need to do:

[2018-12-20 04:44:55] WARNING: Fix configuration with given suggestions:

  • File app/etc/config.php does not exist
    Please run the following commands:
  1. bin/magento module:enable –all
  2. git add -f app/etc/config.php
  3. git commit -m ‘Adding config.php’
  4. git push
  • The modules section is missing from the shared config file.
  • The configured state is not ideal
    No stores/website/locales found in config.php
    To speed up the deploy process do the following:
    1. Using SSH, log in to your Magento Cloud account
    2. Run “php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools config:dump”
    3. Using SCP, copy the app/etc/config.php file to your local repository
    4. Add, commit, and push your changes to the app/etc/config.php file
    Your application does not have the “post_deploy” hook enabled.
    In order to minimize downtime, add the following to “”:
    post_deploy: |
    php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools post-deploy

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