Nerd Victories

I had an itch, ordered a new WiFi router and some more ram for my desktop. Due to some shipping delays, took over a week to show up. First night with my new toys … Motherboard does not see the additional ram but I move on to trying to configure the WiFi router.

The pin in the sticker is suppose to be the default password to the default SSID but that was a total bust. So, I had to wire up my desktop to it and use my TV as the display … something that I had plan on doing at some other point, maybe XMBC … or what ever has replaced that. It worked well when I had a Kodi box ( I plan on repurposing it into an OctoPrint server for my 3D printer). The WiFi router kept giving the desktop an IPv6 IP but the WebUI only works via IPv4. I gave up and went bed.

I had a hardy day at work and hit the projects. I remember when I was flipping through my motherboard manual, I saw something about how the ram DIMMs need to be matched per memory channel. I swapped them around and booted it back up. Bam, 32Gb found. Now on to tackling that WiFi router … during a thunderstorm.

Instead of trying to figure out how to do IPv4 over IPv6, I just disabled IPv6 and hard set an IP. WebGUI loaded up, got both the WiFi bands setup just fine. Most of my devices switched over without any effort since I reused the SSID info. I decided to go the extra nerdy mile. I got DDNS and the mobile monitor app setup. And while I was on a roll, I replaced NFS with Samba on my file share.

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