End of Oct summary

Better late then never, eh?


Being weighable – I keep thinking I’m just ounces but scale still sayin’ max.

Quit smoking – I was doing well tracking my cigs/day and working it down. Then I had too much fun at my brother’s wedding and it went back up.

Run a 5k – I ran my first day of CouchTo5K today, it went ok. Calfs were/are a bit tight. I got to week 3 of Just 6 Weeks before I pretty much fell apart, going to keep redoing week 3 until I get through it.


Some what easy one … but I did transfer $155 from checking to savings every Friday in Oct. So, now I have an extra $620 in savings. Yay!


Read three books – Not even outlined a single one. I ran into these slumps where I think I need huge blocks of time to get things done but it really is the steady baby steps that gets stuff done.

Hit 30 day streak in Duolingo – I hit it! and then lost it. Trying to get it back.

Project Euler #1-10 –  I finished 1 and 2 fairly fast. Even impressed myself … maybe a little too fast? #3 is giving me trouble but I hope to bang it out this week.

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