GitLab Workflow update 2

I think I’m stating to get the hang of this. You can create a Merge Request directly from the Issue page. This creates both a Merge Request AND a new branch. Then you grab that branch, do work … do work, commit to local, and push up. Don’t forget to tag the commit with the branch info, this automagically links your commit to the issue. Once your Merge Request has been reviewed and OK … it gets merged into what ever branch it was branched from.

Oh, I wanted to add some personal notes:

Pulling the branch for the Merge Request created from an Issue

git clone --single-branch -b <BranchName> http://HOST/<ProjectName>/<GitRepo>.git

Pushing the commit to the Merge Request branch

git commit -am "What I did. <ProjectName>/<GitRepo>#<IssueNum>"

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