Mind Goals!

I lumping my programming, language, and reading into one group … Minnnnnd STUFF!

Read three books

This might sound like a super easy one and it would be if I meant reading for fun but here I’m talking about full SQ3R reading. But I’ve come to seriously dislike writing or even typing, which is why I’ve started to play with voice dictation (This is post is typed out). I’m hoping I can use the fairly extensive voice command/dictation that Google has setup through it’s web apps.

My current book list is:

  1. The Visible Ops Handbook
  2. 24 Days of Blackfire
  3. Thinking, Fast and Slow

Hit 30 day streak in Duolingo

I’m already at 25 but those don’t count for this. So I have to hit 55 days total, hopefully continuing on for many many more days.

HelloAroundTheWorld: Finish projecteule #1-13

Writing 13 programs in 7 languages … oh yay! I should probably write some pseudocode and since I’m trying to do the whole CI/CD thing, I should probably write some pseudotestcode first?

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