Eclipse, you son of a bitch.

I’ve been trying to get used to Eclipse for months now. I installed Neon on my MBP but never got to use it too much, always had issues with it. Played a bit with with NSight and I liked it. So far, getting Eclipse up and running on the new laptop has not been easy. First, I installed the Ubuntu version but wasn’t into it.  Then I tried the Oxygen installer from the Eclipse download page … I didn’t know that it installs a different binary depending on which language you want to us … PDT installs php-oxygen, CDT installs cpp-oxygen. Not only that but it looks like it has completely borked my NSight version of Eclipse.

I was hoping on using Eclipse for PHP, Python, Go, C/C++, and/or what ever I wanted but it doesn’t look like that is going to be the case.