UE4:Linux and adding downloadable content

I read a few blogs but none were too helpful. I asked in the IRC chat, was some what helpful. So, this is how you can download content from UE4 marketplace and add them to your UE4:Linux. It involves Win10, so I hope you have a local copy.

  1.  Boot into Win10
  2. Download and install Unreal Launcher
  3. Install the version of UE4 that you have installed in Linux
  4. Download and add the content you want to a dumb project on Win10 (I used the default MyProject)
  5. Once everything is downloaded, do a full shutdown of Win10 (I’ve read that not doing this can cause errors when mounting in Linux)
  6. Boot in Linux (I’m using Ubuntu 17.x)
  7. Mount the Win10 partition
  8. Open up a file manager, two windows worked best for me
  9. In one, open the path to the Win10 location (Mine was /media/shaun/OS/Users/shaun/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject/Content)
  10. In the other, open the path to your UE4:Linux project locations (/home/shaun/Documents/Unreal Projects/MyProject1)
  11. Select the downloaded content on in the Win10 panel, drag and drop into Linux panel
  12. Let copy it all copy over
  13. Close windows
  14. Open up UE4:Linux editor, then your project.
  15. Downloaded content should be in Content tab.
  16. Congrats!