Time for a new laptop

Recently, I learned that you are not suppose to leave laptops plugged in all the time … I the SMRT! It was time for new a laptop and I was looking at switching back to Linux. Been using OSX for the last few years. It was weird, booting a computer into Windows 10 when the last version I used was XP. I picked up an AlienWare 17R4. Same CPUs as if I replaced by MBP with a newer but with 32Gb of ram and a GTX 1070 8Gb. I have already pulled my Chrome and Firefox profiles over. All my bookmarks and work stuff seems to be working.

I still need to setup Cura and try out some 3d printing.  Downloaded UnrealEngine4 and the Linux install instructions were pretty straight forward. Bummed I can’t connect to to their Marketplace, good thing I kept that Win10 partition.