2016: Metadata review

This is my fist blog post of 2017 and a review of all, ok most of, the metadata I collected on myself for 2016.


Might as well start with the most depressing and take a look at the ol’ finances. I’ve mostly been using Mint and my credit union’s site to plan and see where I am. Lets take a look at the big expenses:

  1. Rent. Of course … 27.5% of my take home. Rent is going no where but up so looks like I need to make some more monies.
  2. Groceries and Fast Food … uuuuugh 16% of take home. Split pretty evenly between both, though I did spend an embarrassing amount at Papa John’s … A whole month of rent 😦
  3. Local corner store got 12% of me.
  4. Some not so big surprises: Verizon got me for $2k (Can’t wait to leave them). Almost a grand on internet, though I canceled cable so I can deduct all of that from my taxes. I was surprised that I only spent ~$300 on streaming services (NetFlix, Hulu Plus, HBONow, …).

All in all, not to bad. I did manage pull off the high APR credit to 0% APR balance transfer switch-a-roo. Even though the amount of debt I have didn’t change much in 2016, having moved most of it over to 0% for the year will help me pay them all down much faster. If I actually stick to it. I wonder what is the best method for paying them down?

  • Pay the same on each?
  • Pay the min on all but one and throw lots at that one?

I added a few new categories to Mint:

  1. Streaming Services. I thought I was spending more than ~$300, so I had set this up when I thought I was a lot more than that. But knowledge is power. I am thinking of switching to Kodi.
  2. Tips. I know I tip a lot. I don’t even usually do the math, I just round up and add a bunch. So, knowing how much I tip should be interesting info.

Time and Life Management

I started to use a few apps in 2016 to collect more metadata on my day to day:

  • RescueTime I started on the free account last year, upgraded to Pro for 2017. Cool set of apps that run on your computer and android (iPhone app is coming soon). Tracks various other apps you spend your time using. Can be setup to block sites/apps you deem distracting.
  • Gyroscope Sweet set of apps that run on the iPhone (android coming soon) and pulls data from lots of other sources (FitBit, Facebook, SleepCycle, RescueTime, a bunch of running apps, … more to come!). This is becoming my one place to have a overview of how my progress is going.
  • RememberTheMilk This is my ToDo app. Web and mobile apps. I use it to track work outs, reading lists, work projects. I have the Pro account, they do work.

Misc Stuff

Here are a few other apps that I use for various things:

  • GoodReads My reading stats were terrible for 2016 … well terrible for all the 2000s. My goal is to finish 12 books in 2017.
  • My Blog Terrible stats … 12 posts in all of 2016 and according to Google Analytics I got a fat goose egg for visitors and searches. I’ll need to work on that.