Making a few more changes and making a punch list

I found this nifty little tool which runs a HTML5 check on your pages. I plan on fixing up everything with this theme, as well as this theme is currently relying heavily on the old theme’s css and I need to break more of the stuff a part for smacss.

Punch list of things to fix:

  1. Be 100% HTML5/CSS3 valid.
  2. I need to fix the menu/sidebar so it is responsive. You know, take advantage of Bootstrap
  3. Start eliminating overwritten and excess CSS.  Example:Article selector styles - pre

    Article selector styles - post
    Article selector styles – post
  4.  I need to break more of the code a part into “layers”.
  5.  I would like to move the random color code generator from PHP into JS.
  6.  I want the posts to load in a modal instead of loading a new page.
  7.  I want my theme to meet and exceed Google RAIL guidelines.
  8.  I want my theme to meet Google AMP.

PS csstriggers has some interesting information on what CSS styles can trigger layout, paint, and composite calculates in different browsers.