Theme upgrade part 1

I’ve been taking these HTML/CSS/JS classes at CodeSchool and I think its time to rework my old WP theme into some HTML5, CSS3. Maybe use some fancy design and framework stuff like SassBootstrap, and Compass. I like the layout and look of my old theme but I want to be the new hotness.

First things first, I need to decide on some workflow stuff … decided on SMACSS. Mostly because it looks organized, which I am no. Also, because it was recommended here.

I followed most of the tutorial. Install the sass, compass, and bootstrap gems:

gem install sass compass bootstrap

Lets create the new theme dir and some sass stuff:

In the {webroot}/wp-content/themes/ dir

mkdir -p Nerdifymylife-compass-bootstrap/sass

Copy the old theme over. Make a backup of style.css, edit style.css so it does not conflict with the original theme.  Switch to the new theme and clear all the caches. Make sure the new theme is working like the old one.

PS I was surprised how easy this was but then I started with a super simple theme.

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